Addiction Services Council

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24/7 Helplines
Local: 513-281-7880
Kentucky: 859-415-9280

Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area since 1949

Call 513-281-RHAC (7422) at any time, day or night, and speak with a caring and knowledgeable person who will listen and help you determine your next steps. Whether you are calling for yourself or a loved one, our specialists are there to guide you as you begin the journey to recovery and a healthy life.


Our Information Specialists are trained to provide accurate, up-to-date information on issues related to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling. Common questions include defining risks, effects of use, abuse and signs and symptoms of a problem in any other those areas.
In addition, referrals to area alcohol, other drug and gambling prevention/treatment services can be provided.


Recovery Support

Recovery is a journey and treatment is just the beginning. Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle and just talking to someone can be just what you need. Our Information Specialists are not only here to listen, they can provide you with information on support groups, and other recovery resources that help sustain long-term recovery.